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Why RATE isn't Everything...

The most common question we get as Mortgage Brokers is - "What is the best rate you can get for me?"

The answer is RARELY simple! And if you're "rate shopping" without considering all factors, you may regret it over your mortgage term

What factors determine what rate you're eligible for?




Refinances & Switch/Transfers
(all of the considerations on for purchases, plus some more!)

Why Rate shouldn't be the only Consideration - Product matters too!

Most rates offered by lenders are within 0.05% to 0.2% of each other when you're shopping for mortgages, but the lowest rate may not always be the best option for YOU

Here are some points to consider before comitting to a new mortgage:

There are pros and cons and strategies with both VRM and ARM. Lenders will only offer either one or the other, so discussing which structure benefits you with your Mortgage Broker would help determine lender & product selection 

Happy Family

There are many additional factors that may need to be considered based on your personal situation, but the above are the most common situations we see with our clients.

We strive to provide a customized and individualized service, as your goal is to support you not only through the initial mortgage process, but through your entire length of home ownership!
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