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Mortgage Refinancing & Renewals

Whether your mortgage is coming up for Renewal, or whether you're considering Refinancing, it's best to connect with us to ensure you are getting the best possible Rate AND Product  for your upcoming term



Your Current Lender doesn't put their best offer forward

Lenders assume most people will accept whatever renewal offer is put forward for the convenince of just "singing on the dotted line", or because they believe you may not qualify to move your mortgage elsewhere.

We review your current offer and see if there are any better options available to you


You may be eligible for a lower rate if your mortgage remains "insurable"

If you originally put less than 20% down on your home purchase and have not made any changes to your mortgage since, you should be eligible for "insurable" rates which are generally more competitve


All Mortgage Details Stay the Same

When you renew your mortgage, your Mortgage Balance, & Remaining Amortization stay the same even when switching lenders


Not all lenders accept "switches" from all lenders

Some lenders don't accept switches from mortgages originally registered as a Collateral Charg.e

Those that do, may have additional legal fees or a slightly higher rate applicable


You Cannot make any changes to Title

If you're hoping to add a co-signer, or update your last name on Title, this cannot be doing during a switch/transfer process


You generally don't need a lawyer

During a renewal/switch, you are able to meet with FCT at your home for your singing paperwork in lieu of a lawyer.

This is the more cost effective option, and lenders will sometimes have promos where they will cover any FCT fees on your behalf

Exterior house design



You want to change your mortgage amount (ie access equity)

If you've owned your home for a few years, you likely have some equity built into your home. You can access your equity by refinancing (or adding a Home Equity Line Of Credit), and use the equity for a variety of reasons


Classified as "Conventional" Mortgages

To qualify for a refinance, you need to have a minimum of 20% equity in your home, plus the value that you are wanting to access

Conventional rates can be a bit higher than Insured rates, unless the lender has an "insurable" category


You want to lower your monthly payment

During the refinace process, you can extend out your amortization back to a maximum of 30 years, which can help reduce your monthly mortgage payment.

Extending your Amortization can offer payment flexibility without setting you back on paying off your home quicker - we review all strategies and options with you to help determine what is best for your situation


You Generally Need A Lawyer

Because there are gnerally changes being made to title during a refinance, the services of a lawyer or notary are required


You want to Add or Remove someone off Title

If you want to make changes to who is registered on title such as adding a soupe or removing a co-signer, your mortgage will qualify as a "refinance" even if you aren't accessing additional funds


Debt Consolidation

Refinancing your mortgage can allow you to "roll in" outstanding liabilities into the new mortgage amount, likely reducing your overall monthly payments going towards interest & debt.

Ask us about Strategies on using a Re-advanceable HELOC for investment Purposes!

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